Striking Help Information

One of the mainstays of Striking has extremely always been its detailed inline help -> in MultiFlex we took the inline help to a whole new level with the equivalent of about 100 pgs of help text built right into the admin settings so you don’t need to go hunting separately in documentation in order to understand the purpose of a setting. And experience has taught us that the hover option with a quick text snippet that is typically found in themes usually contains not enough info, and of course disappears when you go to use the setting, not very helpful when you need step-by-step guidance.

So MultiFlex always has help fields that are open and closed by a toggle. So they remain open when you need to refer to them, and the click of a mouse moves them out of the way when you are done.

Help information is also “layered” – there is help information to explain how to use main theme functions (the Striking MultiFlex Panels), how to use settings that are grouped together in an admin tab in panels or metaboxes, and help dialogs for individuals settings. Every step of the way we have you covered. Don’t know what the heck a portfolio is? Its covered. Don’t know the diff between a thumbnail and a featured image? Its covered! Don’t know what a blog list is? Its Covered!! 🙂

These images indicate where you can find some help, and also give you a basic understanding of how the admin is structured:

A typical MultiFlex admin panel:

The Striking Help Information Panel
Locations of Help Fields in a MultiFlex Panel

Example of the help in that little “Help” tab up in the top right hand corner of the above image…..its different for each panel.

The Striking Help Panels
The Striking Help Panels

Individual settings help

Striking Individual Settings
Striking Individual Settings

Throughout this Demo there are Example Code Snippets which you can copy and paste right into your site to help get you started.

Striking Help Demo Code
The Striking Help Demo Code