• size: small,medium,large (optional)
  • link (optional)
  • icon: zoom,play,doc (optional)
  • lightbox: true,false (optional)
  • title (optional)
  • align: left,right,center (optional)
  • group (group for lightbox) (optional)
  • width (optional)
  • height (optional)

Shortcode Option Panel

Image Shortcode Options Panel
Image Shortcode Options Panel


Image With Different Size

[image size="small"]your image src[/image]
[image size="medium"]your image src[/image]
[image size="large"]your image src[/image]

Image With Different Icon

[image icon="zoom"] your image src [/image]
[image icon="doc"] your image src [/image]
[image icon="play"] your image src [/image]
[image icon="link"] your image src [/image]

Image With Lightbox Support

[image icon="zoom" lightbox="true" title="Your Image Title"]your image src[/image]

Image With Video

Your Video Title
[image title="Your Video Title" icon="play" lightbox="true" link=""]your image src[/image]

Picture Frame

the title
[picture_frame title="your picture title"]your picture src[/picture_frame]