• id (id attribute) (optional)
  • size: small,medium,large (optional)
  • class (class attribute) (optional)
  • color (optional)
  • bgColor (optional)
  • textColor (optional)
  • align:center (optional)
  • full (set full width):true,false (optional)
  • link (link to follow when clicked) (optional)

Shortcode Option Panel

Button Shortcode Options Panel
Button Shortcode Options Panel


Buttons With Different Size

Small Medium Large

Get the code

[button size="small"]Small[/button] [button size="medium"]Medium[/button] [button size="large"]Large[/button]

Buttons With Color Scheme

Black Gray White Blue Green Red

Yellow Orange Pink Rosy Magenta

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[button size="medium" color="black"]Black[/button]

Buttons With Special Color

#769600 #769600

Get the code

[button bgColor="#769600"]#769600[/button] [button color="white" textColor="#769600"]#769600[/button]

Buttons With Roll Over Color

Roll Over Button

Get the code

[button size="large" bgColor="#004f78" hoverBgColor="#930097"]Roll Over Button[/button]